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Bare Metal Dedicated Servers

Your choice of metal, with IPv4 & IPv6 connectivity

Built with your preferred Linux OS, power your business with latest technology and hardware

Bare Metal Servers

Choose from a wide selction of decicated servers with plenty of configurable options!
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Our focus is to ensure your business is a success online. Our drive is to help our clients business grow, providing excellence through our customer support channels. As a customer of Sebae, from day one your account is reviewed and your needs discussed, if there are certain aspects of the service you require help with, we will endeavour to help you reach the service level you require for your business.


Fast Provisioning

Your server will be ready to use within minutes with our rapid deploy system.

Fast Storage

Choose from a selection of fast and reliable storage

Control Panel

Perform reboots, get statistics, plus more via the control panel

IP Addresses

Enjoy IPv4 & IPv6 connectivity, scaling out for the future

technical support

Our support staff are on hand should you need any assistance

Tier-1 Bandwidth

Fast access to your server across our multi-homed network

24/7 Managed

Data centres

Our data centres provide a 24/7 operation of service and support. Our customer support team are UK based, so you can be assured you will speak to an advisor who can help you quickly and meet your service needs. Your online service is in good hands.

Data Centres
frequently asked

question & answers!

A dedicated server is a solution whereby customers rent or lease its entire hardware for their sole use. All the resources, such as RAM and storage are solely used by them. The user of a dedicated server is aimed more at customers with high demands on resources and cannot be shared.
If you have a Windows Server you can connect using RDP which provides a remote desktop. You can connect to Linux by using an SSH client such as PuTTY
Yes, you can manage it the same as you would any other server, the control and management is totally yours to do. If you wish us to take of the management for you, then please speak to our customer services team.
Reboots can be carried out via the control panel, details of this are sent to you once you have placed an order. There are other functions which can be managed too.
Upgrades can be carried out, however this will require an engineer to add the additional hardware. Please speak to our customer services team for available options.