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Business DNS Hosting

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Resilient primary and secondary zones, IPv4 and IPv6 Zone records, fully managed via the control panel


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Fast Provisioning

Your DNS hosting will be ready to use within minutes with our rapid deploy system.

Unlimited Domains

Add as many domains as you wish, there are no limits

Control Panel

Fully manage all your domains from the easy to use control panel

IP Addresses

Manage both IPv4 and IPv6 dns records, future proof your domains

technical support

Our support staff are on hand should you need any assistance

Tier-1 Bandwidth

Fast access to our DNS servers across our multi-homed network

frequently asked

question & answers!

All websites, servers and other internet related resources communicate over IP. DNS allows you to convert a friendly name such as my.domain.com into an IP address which is friendly, and easy to remember. By using our DNS hosting, you do not need to provide your own servers to do this. With our free service, you can host as many domains and subdomains as you require.
Your can manage all your DNS records via our control panel, it is easy to use and takes the pain out of manually editing the records on servers. The DNS records are hosted on multiple servers, geographically spread.
Yes, all the domains you have are yours to manage. All DNS records are updated instantly after you have created or modified them. We can assist you with maintaining your DNS records, as incorrect usage could cause an outage to your service.
You can add these in the control panel, just as you would IPv4 records, however you must have IPv6 connectivity where the DNS records will point to. Most ISP's and hosts are providing IPv6 with their connectivity, whilst there is no immediate need for an IPv6 address, we recommend adopting this where possible. If you unsure how to add IPv6 records, please contact us for assitance.
Yes, we use primary and secondary servers, once a change it made on the primary server, the updates are replicated to the secondary servers.