Hosted Exchange Email

The best collaboration email solution. Sync your email, calendar & contacts on any device virtually anywhere
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What do you get?

  • Up to 100GB mailbox
  • Anti-Spam Filtering
  • Calendar & Contacts Sharing
  • Email On Any Device
  • Split Domain Routing
  • Control Panel
Perfect for collaboration
£ 27.48 /year
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  • Email
    1 Mailbox
  • Storage
  • DAG Replication
    Fully Redundant
  • Bandwidth
Business email with compliance
£ 47.88 /year
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  • Email
    1 Mailbox
  • Storage
  • DAG Replication
    Fully Redundant
  • Bandwidth

Powerful Email At Your Finger Tips

Control Panel

All of our plans come with a feature packed control panel, making email account management easy.

Secured Email

Access to the mailboxes is secured over TLS including email transmission to and from other internet mail servers.

Add More Mailboxes

Add more users to your email system when you need them. You are only charged for what you use.

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The best solution for users starting out with email.
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Yearly £27.48
Perfect for professionals, with features to get things done.
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Yearly £47.88
The best solution for enterprise customers.
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5GB 50GB 100GB
Instant 'Push' Email
Outlook on the Web
Outlook Anywhere
Split-domain Routing
Shared Mailboxes
Unlimited Unlimited
Resource Mailboxes
Unlimited Unlimited
Shared Calendars
Shared Contacts
Multiple Domains
10 Unlimited
Free Migration
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Cloud Platform
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Choose Hosted Exchange for email

Microsoft Exchange is a feature rich email collaboration suite, by far the popular choice for companies of any size. With functions such as Calendar sharing, you can streamline your work loads and maximise productivity. Our plans include everything needed to secure your email whilst keeping threats levels low.

Traditional email no longer meets the needs of the way consumers and professionals communicate and do business. Companies require 100% uptime of their email infrastructure, ability to roam anywhere in the world whist maintaining access to their email and the freedom of choice on which device is being used. This is why emails solutions such as Exchange are available within the Cloud.

With our Hosted Exchange, no specialist skills are required. The administration of mailboxes is done via the control panel, simply add more mailboxes when you need them or remove them when you don’t.

Our Exchange servers are optimised with the latest technology in hardware and software, utilising fast performing storage arrays and built with high availability DAGs. This means your mailboxes will be available to you immediately. Unlike traditional on-prem Exchange environments, each email is replicated into multiple databases, providing more resilience.

Email Collaboration

Shared calendars and mailboxes make it easy and efficient to collaborate with team members. Share documents, schedule tasks and meetings, work smarter and meet important deadlines whilst working in multiple locations. With Exchange email you can organise your team and plan your workloads more effectively.

There are no limits on the amount of sharing you can do. With Hosted Exchange, the service is designed to keep you and your teams working together, providing a robust and cost effective communication platform.

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Any Device. Anywhere

When you are always on the move and trying to keep up to date with your calendar appointments, tasks and emails, managing all of this need to be an easy job. With Outlook on the web, the time spend doing this is dramatically reduced. Enhance productivity even further by installing the Outlook app on your device of choice, collaborate and communicate with your teams more efficiently.

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Large & Secure Mailboxes

As mailboxes grow, we value the importance of keeping email for historical purposes. With each Hosted Exchange mailbox we provide, we offer up to 100GB capacity with additional archive storage giving you the space needed to store important email and attachments.

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Hosted Exchange Features

There are plenty of reasons to order Hosted Exchange with us.

  • Fast provisioning
  • Grow your business
  • Global access
  • Ease of use
Create your new Exchange environment

With our Hosted Exchange services, your account is automatically created and available to you within minutes of ordering. You will receive all the information needed to gain access to your new email account. Getting online couldn’t be easier.

Moving your Exchange mailboxes to Sebae is fast and easy. Using basic tools such as the Outlook PST backup and restore, you will have your email migrated very quickly allowing you to continue to work whilst the transfer is taking place.

Easily expand your organisation

As your business grows, then the number of mailboxes required will also increase. With Hosted Exchange, it is easy to add more mailboxes to the organisation, allowing you to share and view calendars including contacts with your colleagues.

With our Hosted Exchange, you don’t have to worry about security and data. With all mailboxes includes automatic SSL encryption and advanced anti-spam/antivirus protection ensuring emails are filtered before arriving in your mailbox.

No limits on usage

Keeping up to date with colleagues, scheduled meetings, tasks and contacts has never been easier, thanks to Outlook on the Web. With all entries synchronised across all devices, viewing information you need is very simple.

Bandwidth limitations are often a concern for customers. With our services there are no restrictions on the amount of data you can use. This means your mailboxes will be available all day allowing you to send and recieve emails at any time.

Manage your account with ease

You can create and manage mailboxes through the easy-to-use control panel, including adding additional email addresses, domains and more. Users within your business can access their emails using Outlook on the web or by using the Outlook App. As your business grows, you can add more mailboxes for your team.

Frequently Asked Questions

The common queries we are asked about Hosted Exchange

Why should we not use on-prem Exchange?
  • With todays technologies and costs of running Exchange, companies have now switched to Cloud based Exchange email, such as Sebae’s Hosted Exchange solution. The cost of ownership is vastly reduced and access to email is enhanced.

Is this different to O365
  • Office365 is also an obvious choice if you are wishing to move your Office apps into the Microsoft Cloud. There are pros and cons to both, however if you are just migrating your email, O365 may not be the cost effective solution especially for larger deployments.

Can I host multiple domain names with my email account?
  • Depending on the plan purchased, you can add more domains which act as an alias to your mailbox. This is useful if you have different websites but only want to use 1 mailbox to receive all the email into.

Is this solution for home and business?
  • All plans are available to home and business customers. There are no restrictions on who can use our Exchange solution.

Can I upgrade between plans?
  • The plans can be upgraded at any given time. We recommend reviewing your mailbox usage on a regular basis to ensure you are on the right plan.

Who manages the Exchange servers?
  • With Hosted Exchange, the administration and maintenance is done by us allowing you to focus more on productivity.

How do i manage the mailbox?
  • By using the control panel provided, you can manage many aspects, not only of the mailbox, but also the organisation that the mailbox will belong to.

How do I transfer a domain?
  • It will depend on the domain, for example a .com domain requires an EPP code for transfer which can be obtained from your current registrar. To host with us, you only need to update the MX, SPF and Autodiscover records if you wish to keep the domain where it is. Contact us if you need further guidance.

How to transfer existing mailboxes to you?
  • The simple method is to use the export/import features within Outlook. Exporting your email to PST from your previous provider allows you to then import them to our Exchange servers by simply using Outlook. During the migration you will be able to continue to use Exchange whilst the transfer is taking place. Please speak to us about the best solution for you.

Is the connectivity encrypted?
  • All connections to and from the Exchange environment are encrypted using SSL/TLS.