Delivery Information

The information below provides a detailed description of the delivery services provided by APC, the carrier who Sebae use for most UK deliveries.

Standard Next day services:

  • All standard deliveries are expected to be delivered the next working day, delivery can take place any time up until 5.00PM.
  • Next day services are not guaranteed; things can go wrong. There will be no refund for deliveries which do not arrive next day.
  • If the delivery is not completed on the next working day, APC will automatically try to deliver the following day.

Carded Deliveries

  • If APC have not been able to complete the delivery due to no answer etc. they will normally leave a card. APC do not automatically re-attempt carded deliveries, they will normally wait for the customer to get in touch.
  • The consignment will be held at an APC depot for 3 days. If APC have had no response from the card, they will start to organise for the consignment to be sent back to tidyhosts. APC will normally contact tidyhosts informing them that they are not getting any response from the consignee and allowing ProVu 24 hours to make contact with the consignee and arrange a further delivery attempt.
  • If APC do not hear back within 24 hours, the parcel will then be sent back to Sebae. The cost of the return delivery will be invoiced to the customer.

Timed delivery services:

  • Timed delivery means pre12, pre10 and pre9 am services.
  • If unfortunately, a consignment is not delivered on time the charge will be lowered to the charge of the time band it is delivered in.
  • If the parcel delivery fails to be attempted on the correct day, the delivery charge will be credited.
  • APC will normally attempt delivery twice in the same day for timed services.


  • If the consignment is despatched with the wrong delivery address and the delivery needs to be re-routed to a different APC depot. This will incur further charges, which will be invoiced to the reseller account.
  • The most common cause of re-routings are incorrect customer postcodes on orders.

How Sebae provides help

  • Sebae confirm all orders by email. Please double check the goods, delivery address and service.
  • In the event of your goods not arriving, we also provide the local depot contact information.
  • Sebae's  systems are fully integrated with APC's systems for order booking and tracking.

How you can help

  • Provide a contact name and company name along with the address.
  • Provide a contact telephone number ideally an 07 mobile or 01 local number (avoid 08 numbers), this gives the delivery driver a chance to contact the consignee directly if there is a problem delivering the goods.
  • Carefully check your order confirmation emails, especially the postcode.
  • Consider ordering directly through ProSys, to minimise errors.
  • Pass the tracking and depot information onto the consignee.
  • Place more critical deliveries into a Pre12 service – will arrive earlier in the day, so more time to chase, and will get 2 delivery attempts in the day.