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Edge Computing Unleashed – How It Powers the Future of AI


Edge Computing Unleashed - How It Powers the Future of AI

Discover the transformative power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Edge Computing with Lenovo’s ThinkEdge solutions. In an era where technology is rapidly advancing, understanding these technologies is essential for businesses aiming to leverage real-time data processing and decision-making to their advantage.Join Blake Kerrigan, Senior Director of the ThinkEdge Business Group at Lenovo, as he explains how AI and Edge Computing are changing the business landscape.

Learn how Edge Computing is optimizing data processing by bringing it closer to the data source, and explore its diverse applications in healthcare, manufacturing, smart cities, and retail can boost efficiency, elevate customer experiences, and foster innovation.

00:00 Introduction to AI
01:11 Revolutionizing computing: the edge AI advantage
02:21 How is edge computing and AI benefiting industries?
03:39 Overcoming challenges: Lenovo’s edge solutions
04:42 Lenovo simplifies the deployment and management of demanding edge AI applications Lenovo’s ThinkEdge series offers robust and secure solutions designed to thrive in diverse environments, enabling businesses to efficiently manage and analyze data at the edge. With examples like Graymatics and WaitTime utilizing Lenovo’s Edge AI solutions, see firsthand how Lenovo is at the forefront of enabling business transformation through technology. Ensure your business remains competitive in the digital age with Lenovo’s advanced Edge Computing and AI solutions.

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Date: February 21, 2024