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First Principles: Optimizing PostgreSQL for the Cloud


First Principles: Optimizing PostgreSQL for the Cloud

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This episode covers OCI Database with PostgreSQL and its addition of a Database Optimized Storage layer, a powerful efficiency upgrade to standard PostgreSQL. This new service brings higher performance, flexible scaling, and reduced cluster management to the table for enterprises.

00:00 – OCI Database with PostgreSQL Intro
01:00 – Guest Intro Deepak Agarwal
01:34 – Vanilla PostgreSQL in the cloud
02:08 – WAL and LSN Intro
02:57 – Downsides to Vanilla PostgreSQL
04:57 – Database Optimized Storage (DbOS)
05:58 – Zero RPO
07:40 – PostgreSQL compatibility
08:08 – Database optimized File System
09:29 – Consistent reads with DbOS
11:03 – Consistent read use cases
12:19 – How fast failover works
13:06 – Achieving high performance
13:49 – Handling torn writes
14:28 – Conclusion and Key Takeaways

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Date: February 22, 2024