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Introducing the Brand New ASUS Dial & Control Panel


Introducing the Brand New ASUS Dial & Control Panel

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In 2023, we introduced the ASUS Dial and ASUS Control Panel features in a dedicated app called “ASUS Dial & Control Panel” for compatible devices. This new app serves as an integrated hub, offering comprehensive control over the ASUS Dial or ASUS Control Panel. It comes with updated customizations, empowering you to seamlessly optimize efficiency and personalize your workflow.

*Current software version: V2.1.9.0
Download ASUS Dial & Control Panel at:

0:00 – Introduction: ASUS Dial & Control Panel & Updates
0:34 – ASUS Dial: Intro
1:15 – ASUS Dial: Customize Function
2:13 – ASUS Control Panel: Intro
2:44 – ASUS Control Panel: New Updated Functions
3:21 – Supporting Apps

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Date: December 8, 2023