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NIS2 Compliance with Cisco Industrial Security


NIS2 Compliance with Cisco Industrial Security

Andrew McPhee, Cisco’s industrial security solution manager, discusses how Cisco Cyber Vision and Secure Equipment Access aid NIS2 compliance, a European cybersecurity standard for critical industries. NIS2 compels industries to implement cybersecurity measures across various sectors.

McPhee stresses understanding device risk profiles, managing supply chain security, handling vulnerabilities, and applying access control policies with multi-factor authentication. Cisco Cyber Vision conducts deep packet inspection and asset visibility in OT environments for vulnerability assessment. Secure Equipment Access enables remote access, moving towards a Zero Trust Network Access model.

The demonstration includes Cisco’s IoT Operations Dashboard, facilitating secure remote access with features like session recording. McPhee showcases Duo, Cisco’s multi-factor authentication platform, and its integration with Secure Equipment Access.

He presents Cisco Cyber Vision for risk analysis of OT networks, detecting changes, creating baselines, and integrating with Cisco’s Identity Services Engine for segmentation. Throughout, McPhee addresses audience questions on technology capabilities and adaptability to various network architectures.

Date: February 21, 2024