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FreePBX 14 Release Candidate

In March Sangoma released the latest FreePBX 14 RC1.  It had been over 2 years since the company took over and decided to give the highly rated PBX a makeover.

The Performance Issue

One over the major problems with version 13 was that it was built around PHP 5.3.  This was a old version and known for a number of security issues, also there were limitations which meant version 13 couldn’t evolve to its potential.

Version 14 now requires PHP 5.6 which was released in August 2014.  This means there is a great performance improvement over version 13.

Sangoma recommends installing FreePBX on Sangoma 7 distro due to the changes made behind the scenes.

Sangoma will still be making manual and custom installations available for FreePBX, however because of the development on version 14, upgrades will not be available for servers running on CentOS 6.6.


With FreePBX 14, customers no longer have to upgrade through command line or by running scripts.  The upgrade process can now be done direct from the user interface.

freepbx 14 update interface

Furthermore, this process can now be scheduled.

freepbx 14 autoupdate interface

A Redesigned UCP (User Control Panel)

In FreePBX 12 Sangoma gave the FreePBX UCP a makeover which included HTML5 updates. Amoungst these updates included the ability to playback of recordings, notifications, a responsive interface, native chat and an in browser WebRTC phone.

In FreePBX 14, Sangoma have kindly allowed users to have complete control over how their control panel looks.

Users now have added dashboards and widget whic means they can move and resize how the dashboard looks to them.  In addition, users can have multiple dashboards with a multitude of widget layouts.

freepbx 14 ucp interface

XMPP Improvements

Sangoma have completely rebuilt the internals of the XMPP module. The new chat engine is more robust than ever and is fully supported by Sangoma’s flagship UC Zulu product line. Support for group chats, avatars, message history is already available in XMPP, more importantly its free of charge.

Over the next few months the UCP chat interface will also support rooms, avatars and message history.

We have briefly touched on some of the new features on FreePBX 14.  cloudsentric will start deploying FreePBX 14 once the stable version is released.

4 April, 2018