VPS Hosting With NVMe & SSD

Giving power to your business, take your hosting to the next level with the resources you need, powered with NVMe storage.
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Processor RAM Storage Price Selection
Ryzen | 1 x vCPU
1GB 30GB NVMe £4.99/mo Order
Ryzen | 2 x vCPU
2GB 50GB NVMe £7.19/mo Order
Ryzen | 2 x vCPU
4GB 100GB NVMe £11.99/mo Order
Ryzen | 4 x vCPU
6GB 150GB NVMe £17.99/mo Order
Ryzen | 6 x vCPU
8GB 200GB NVMe £23.99/mo Order

Amazing Server Performance

Control Panel

Manage your VPS using the popular SolusVM software. Reimage, reboot and access the server console when required plus more.

Scale As You Grow

Add more resources such as RAM or CPU to your VPS when needed by simply scaling up your virtual server from the Client Area.

IPv6 Support

All our VPS nodes in additional to IPv4, are issued with 2 IPv6 addresses as standard, providing modern layer 3 connectivity to the internet.

Best Performance

Enjoy lightning-fast VPS speed. Our nodes are powered by latest AMD Ryzen CPUs, providing the best performance for your server.

Custom ISO Deployments

Don’t see the OS you need? No problem, speak to our customer services team who can assist with your custom ISO deployment.

Expert Support

If your online and working with your VPS, then we are too. Our team of technical experts are available round the clock if you need assistance.

Choose Your VPS

Use the slider below to view the different resources available with each plan.

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IPv4 Address ---

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Powerful VPS Hosting With Expert Support

Customers usually choose to move to a VPS when they need more than a reseller account and they need full management over what they can install. The VPS nodes we offer are powerful and can be fully managed by you.

With a VPS you are not restricted to what is installed like on a shared web hosting or reseller server. The management of the software is totally dependant on you, this means you can install your own software, run the OS of your choice and update the server when you want to.

The way in which a VPS operates is similar to renting a room in a hotel, the building belongs to the owner, but each room is private and rented out to different people, each room is segregated from the other. A VPS runs on top of a piece of software known as the hypervisor. This software layer provides the magic and talks to the hardware of the server. The hypervisor ensures the segregation and security of each VPS but provides them access to hardware resources.

A good solution for gamers is to operate a VPS instead of running the server from their home. By running your game on a VPS, you can create your own custom games, create more privacy and save money over traditional game server hosting. If your big into gaming then a VPS is the next step.

If you are a developer or a development company, then a VPS is perfect for running DevOps projects on. You can control who has access, share management responsibilities and reimage the server should problems arise.

Another great use case is operating a VPN server on the VPS. OpenVPN is a very common solution that can be installed for free. A VPN is useful if you have network restrictions preventing you from accessing certain IP ranges, or you want your machine to appear from another country whilst providing full encryption. Another example is if you want to access UK Netflix but you are in the USA, the VPN would grant you access to the UK version. There are many reasons why you would use a VPN.

Our servers are optimised with the latest technology in hardware and software, utilising fast performing NVMe drives. Our service provides a very fast, robust and lag free experience making our VPS the number choice for our customers.

If you are migrating from a reseller or shared account that operates on one of the popular control panel applications such as cPanel, then you can install this on your VPS and simply run a migration using the wizard.

If you want a cost effective move up from shared or reseller hosting with powerful resources and expert support, then a VPS is definitely the next step up in the world of hosting.

Web Application Server

Putting you fully in the driving seat, take full control and management responsibility. Administer your Apache web server, email or MariaDB server. Move all your websites from traditional web hosting and upload all the content to your server allowing for better control over scripting such as PHP and CGI.

Setup your own NextCloud server, allow your company to share files and resources with each without the expensive costs. Nextcloud is the leading alternative to O365, Google, and AWS and provides desktop clients and mobile apps which allows access from anywhere.

Give your business a new way to reach out to customers, with a VPS the limitations of web hosting are removed giving more choice and options for your online presence.

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Owned Infrastructure

We own and operate our own infrastructure; this means we are not tied into vendor or operational contracts. All configuration and management of the infrastructure is done by us. As we own and fully manage our systems, we can ensure we provide a high level, feature rich service to our customers.

Although traditional hard disks have advanced over the years, they still have the bottle neck of moving parts. With SSD, there no moving parts, this gives much better throughput and access to data.

Not only is our Cloud Public, but we also offer private Cloud too. This means you can host your entire server estate in the private Cloud, accessing resources over private connections such as an SSL VPN back to your main office. We can support multiple vendors such as OpenVPN, Watchguard and Cisco.

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If your website has outgrown the web hosting you are using, or maybe there is a security reason why you need a more private and powerful solution, a VPS is a perfect move to cater for both requirements.

A VPS runs its own instance of an operating system such as Debian or Windows. With the isolated OS in your control, you can lock down access using a firewall or any other application that prevents unauthorised access. The level of security on your server is totally up to you.

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VPS Hosting Features

There are plenty of reasons to order a VPS with us

  • Amazing Performance
  • Full Root Access
  • Unmetered Bandwidth
  • Ease of use
Providing the best solution

Our servers are built using the latest hardware and software available. All VPS nodes are provisioned on NVMe storage, providing the best IOPs for your server. Run any type of application and enjoy great read / write times. With NVMe drives, there are no moving parts unlike like the traditional hard disk. Removing this bottle neck provides maximum throughput.

Your business or projects deserve the best, that’s why our servers give you the best. Powered by Ryzen 9 CPUs, NVMe storage and latest operating system builds, your servers have more than enough to handle day to day traffic and sudden spikes. If you need even more power, then simply scale the VPS up handle the additional loads.

Control what happens

You are in full control of your server, so you get to decide what happens to it. Take management of application installs, server updates and resources available on your server. Set up your own users for different levels of administration and security.

With full access to the server, you no longer restricted to shared resources with application limits such as process execution times, you can set what is required for your environment.

No limits on usage

The VPS plan you choose allows you full use of those resources, for example if you order a server with 8GB RAM, then you can maximise the full capacity of the allocated memory.

Bandwidth limitations are often a concern for customers. With our VPS services there are no restrictions on the amount of data you can use. This means you can download files or allow your server to be accessed from the internet without the worry of going over any quotas. Fair usage policies appliy.

Maximise control

Our VPS infrastructure is driven by one of the best virtualisation management panels available. With continuous updates to it extensive feature list, SolusVM remains a leading tool for customers to take full control over their servers.

SolusVM allows you to take full control over the VPS including reimaging the OS should you want to change to a different version or if you run into complications. You can also access the console for troubleshooting should the VPS lose network connectivity.

The Best VPS Provider

There couldn't be any better reasons to choose Sebae

Features Performance Network
Choice of OS
Generous NVMe Storage Full DDoS protection
IPv4 and IPv6
Low latency 100% Network Uptime
SolusVM Instant Provisioning Cisco Infrastructure
Full Root Access 24x7 Support Secure Data Centre
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Frequently Asked Questions

The common queries we are asked about VPS hosting

What is a VPS?
  • VPS functions and operates the same as a dedicated server, however the VPS runs on hardware which is divided up and managed by a hypervisor, dynamically allocating resources as needed. Each server is that run on the hypervisor is separate from the other, you can install software, run scripts and do tasks like you would with a dedicated server. With today’s technology, the requirement for a dedicated server had been vastly reduced.

How do i connect to the VPS?
  • If you have a Windows Server you can connect using RDS (Remote Desktop Services) which provides a remote desktop. Windows includes the remote desktop client which you can simply open up and connect to your server IP address. If you are running a Linux VPS, you can connect to SSH by using an client such as PuTTY, this can be downloaded from the internet.

Do I have full control over the VPS?
  • Yes, you can manage it the same as you would any other server, the control and management is totally yours to do. Customers can choose to have us take care of the day-to-day management of the VPS, we offer different levels of management to help you keep your server operational. Please speak to us if you require more information.

Can I reboot the server?
  • Reboots can be done within the SolusVM control panel. A reboot should only be done in the event the VPS is not responding as rebooting from the control panel simulates a cold reboot. If you are able to login to the VPS then we would advise rebooting from there in the first instance.

Can I upgrade between plans?
  • The VPS plans can be upgraded at any given time. We recommend reviewing the resource usage on a regular basis to ensure you are on the right plan. We don’t advise upgrading to the highest package unless you need to as you may not need the resources.

Who manages the VPS?
  • As the server administrator, you manage the VPS, resources and your applications. SolusVM is designed so users can manage their own server like it was placed in the same room as them. We can of course help with any problems you may have.

How do I transfer a domain?
  • It will depend on the domain, for example a .com domain requires an EPP code for transfer which can be obtained from your current registrar. To host the domain on your VPS, you only need to update the A records if you wish to keep the domain where it is. Contact us if you need further guidance.

Can i move my VPS from another provider?
  • Sadly no, in order to move from another provider you would need to take backups of your data and plan a migration. If you need help then please let us know.

Can i view statistics?
  • SolusVM provides some statistics, however you can run tools within the VPS such as top monitor to see whats be used.

Can i install a control panel?
  • You can install any software you like on the VPS. A popular choice if you are hosting websites is to install cPanel, this will allow you to manage the VPS from a GUI.