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frequently asked

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A Cloud server functions the same as a dedicated server, but runs on hardware which is divided up and managed by a hypervisor, dynamically allocating resources as needed. Each server is that run on the hypervisor is separate from the other, you can install software, run scripts and do tasks like you would with a dedicated server. With today's technology, the requirement for a dedicated server had been vastly reduced.
If you have a Windows Server you can connect using RDP which provides a remote desktop. You can connect to Linux by using an SSH client such as PuTTY.
Yes, you can manage it the same as you would any other server, the control and management is totally yours to do. If you wish us to take of the management for you, then please speak to our customer services team.
Reboots can be carried out via the control panel, details of this are sent to you once you have placed an order. There are other functions which can be managed such as reimaging and console connections.
Yes you can upgrade at anytime, contact us if you wish to discuss your options.