Microsoft Teams and Verizon Business Group discuss collaborating on innovative cloud communications

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Cloud telephony and communications play a critical role in our customers’ digital transformation journeys. Partnerships with telecommunications leaders such as Verizon Business Group combine the power of Microsoft’s productivity applications with the quality, reliability, and coverage of the Verizon network, unlocking new opportunities for mobile and hybrid work.


Mahendra Sekaran, Vice President of Microsoft Teams Engineering and Alex Dole, Vice President of Product Management for Verizon Business Group talk about delivering quality, scale, and cost efficiencies customers can realize through innovative wireless and mobility solutions, including Teams Phone Mobile.


Watch the video to hear how the strategy to deliver solutions that offer customers quality, simplicity, and the freedom to eliminate redundant costs is built on a foundation of choice.


“There is no one-size-fits-all solution. You’re going to see different use cases and scenarios. And that’s why at Verizon we’re so proud of this broad palette of solutions we’ve done with the Microsoft team. Certainly we have Teams Phone Mobile, which we’re extremely excited about, but we also have Operator Connect, and we can do Direct Routing… So we have the foundation to all of the kinds of things customers would need.”

– Alex Dole, Vice President of Product Management for Verizon Business Group


Learn more about Teams Phone Mobile, a new service for Microsoft Teams enabled by partners like Verizon. Teams Phone Mobile allows you provide users a single number for calling on their native dialer and any Teams endpoint. Users benefit from unified-communications endpoints enhanced reliability and reachability, and a simplified calling experience through a single app.

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