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We’re celebrating #NationalHighFiveDay today by introducing an exciting and unique way to interact with your team members using new Together Emojis in Microsoft Teams. The new Together Emoji for high fives is currently rolling out and will be available to users soon!

What are Together Emojis?

“Together Emojis” are a unique concept conceived by myself and my colleague Nico Nuzzaci in 2016 to bridge the gap across the communication stream. For a long time, when you send an emoji in chat, it stays on the left or right and has always felt disconnected to us.

We wanted a way for people to come together when they are apart using digital communication to foster a greater sense of connection and community. Ranging from a slap of hands with high fives, clinking glasses to cheers, grabbing a coffee, or getting pizza for lunch, Together Emojis are there to bring everyone’s sentiments together and belong!

How to do it:

Open Microsoft Teams for work or life, desktop or mobile app, and jump in to chat with friends, colleagues, and family, and by each of you sending high five after each other, you’ll get a fun animation:


And watch the two smileys come together.

Together Emoji high five mobile.gif


You can find the “highfive” emoji in 3 ways:

  1. On desktop type (highfive) in the compose bar and hit enter; or
  2. On mobile or desktop, open the fun picker, and type “highfive” in the search bar and hit enter; or
  3. On mobile or desktop, open the fun picker and scroll down the smileys category to the custom emojis and tap the highfive emoji and hit enter.

“Highfive” is one Together Emoji of many other sentiments you can bring together, more coming soon!


More about National High Five Day:

National High Five Day is celebrated in the United States on the third Thursday of April and is a holiday about giving high fives and spreading good vibes. This year, it benefits CoachArt by sending virtual high fives to kids with chronic illnesses. Learn more about this holiday, the charity, and how to get involved at http://nationalhighfiveday.com.

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