Ease into the hybrid work environment with Microsoft Teams device store

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Hybrid meetings are the new normal. While people often no longer meet all together in one room, we want to foster a sense of connection for both remote attendees and in-room meeting participants. Giving all participants equal footing can lead to better meetings.

Our goal is to help remove barriers between spaces, places, and people and deliver inclusive meeting experiences with all participants in mind. By turning any meeting room into an easy-to-manage space, everyone can collaborate without compromise.

Microsoft Teams Rooms are designed to foster inclusive, collaborative meetings, bridging the gap between workspaces so everyone has a place at the same virtual table, no matter where they actually sit. We aim to deliver consistent and intuitive Teams experiences that allow people to easily schedule, join, and participate in meetings. To do so, we need a wide selection of devices to fit every need and space while also offering security, reliability, and rich management capabilities.

With verified and certified devices for Teams, we can ensure we bring the best to the Teams meeting experience. Devices include Teams-certified peripherals, such as headsets, web cameras, and Teams phones. These peripherals can be utilized in the Teams Rooms space as well as at home or in personal offices.

Now, Teams administrators can explore, and purchase Teams certified devices for your organization in your Teams Admin Center, the same interface where you reside and manage Teams. On the left navigation bar under “Teams devices,” you will find the Teams device store. From there, you can search, explore, and purchase Teams-certified devices.

If you are managing existing Teams devices, you can easily find additional Teams-certified devices in the store, purchase them at scale, and leverage integrated remote provisioning capabilities.


The store provides simple browsing divided into the relevant categories. You can filter devices based on brand, color, size of the room, and other factors. Additionally, you can sort devices based on inventory availability—a key factor with current global supply chain conditions. The store is designed for a seamless purchasing experience with competitive prices, free shipping, hassle-free returns, and flexible payment methods.


When a Teams device is shipped to you, it already is integrated with Teams device management, and the purchased device is assigned to you, as the MAC ID is automatically added to your tenant in the Teams Admin Center. That enables automatic remote provisioning and simplifies the setup. Learn more.

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The device store is currently available in the U.S. and Canada and will be introduced to more markets soon.

Microsoft remains committed to working closely with you and collaborating with our partners to provide you with optimized solutions that enhance the hybrid meeting experience for all Teams users.

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