Introducing new touch and collaboration experiences on Microsoft Teams Rooms on Android

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Earlier this year, we announced the certification of Neat Board and Yealink Meeting Board — a new form factor for Microsoft Teams Rooms on Android where audio, video, touch display, and compute are combined in a single unit to instantly transform any space into a Teams meeting space. With the release of Microsoft Teams Rooms on Android update 3 (App version: 1449/, we are delighted to launch several touch-enabled experiences that make meeting and collaborating easier on Teams Rooms on Android, especially with boards.


Walk up and use Microsoft Whiteboard

Before this release, whiteboarding on Teams Rooms on Android was only possible in a Teams meeting context which required prep time. You first had to set up a Teams meeting or have your device be invited to one, and then share whiteboard within that meeting, before you can begin inking. Now, whenever you want to brainstorm, you can simply walk up to a device and start whiteboarding using the new Whiteboard button on the home screen. With one touch, you can launch Microsoft Whiteboard and instantly collaborate outside of a Teams meeting, removing friction from the starter experience and helping you stay productive. Admins can enable this feature with the “Allow initiate Whiteboard” setting on the device.

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Bring Microsoft Whiteboard into an ad hoc meeting

You can now also seamlessly switch from a local collaboration experience to an online co-creation space by tapping “Start meeting” on the local whiteboard screen. ”Start meeting” quickly kicks off an ad hoc meeting and automatically presents the whiteboard you started on the home screen onto the meeting stage for you. From there, you can add remote participants into the meeting and contribute across the same whiteboard in real-time. Instead of having to choose between viewing the gallery or the whiteboard shared, you can now also see remote participants side by side with Microsoft Whiteboard using the Content + Gallery layout, allowing you to collaborate with greater ease and efficiency. 

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Redesigned share menu and Microsoft Whiteboard support for resource accounts

Content sharing in a meeting has also been made more accessible with the redesigned share menu. When you tap “Share” in the meeting control bar, you can find all content options that can be shared in one place, including Microsoft Whiteboard. This start Microsoft Whiteboard sharing experience in a meeting is now supported on resource accounts. Click here to see instructions on managing Microsoft Whiteboard sharing in Teams.

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Touch awareness and 4K display support

We are also introducing a new touch screen support that allows you to control the room system from both the touch display at the front of the room and the touch console, making it convenient for you to operate a Teams Room using whichever device is closest to your reach. Admins can turn on this feature with the “Enable touch screen controls” setting on the device. Additionally, 4K display is now supported to further enhance your meeting experience on large screen devices.

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On top of optimizing touch experiences with this app update, we are also enriching hybrid meetings with chat notifications and support for remote camera pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) controls from a desktop. Click here to see the full release notes.


Note: Availability of this app may vary depending on the device model and make. Please work with device manufacturers to confirm app support timelines on your devices.


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