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I’ll be honest. I am not really one for New Years’ resolutions.


But what I have found myself doing in the new year is evaluating and working to change the way I go about my day-to-day habits. As 2022 began came to a close, I took a hard look at my ways of working and routine and didn’t really like what I saw. Getting stuck in hours of meetings in the spirit of FOMO, realizing I skipped lunch (and sometimes breakfast), or only walked a handful of steps in a day were all things I was noticing. This got me thinking about how I could improve or even enhance my hybrid work experience. Would I work better from a loft in Paris for a month (I actually did this, and the answer is no because all I wanted to do was eat and explore the city :p)? Do I get more done if I work on a strict routine or a loose one? How much Focus time should I be blocking each week? And most importantly, how can I feel more productive both personally and professionally each day?


This month, we’ve curated our collateral on how to drive more engaging and better work habits in the new year and how we see the world shifting in 2023 to address those questions. Whether it’s creating down time for yourself to focus on learning, creativity, or finding new ways to connect with your colleagues in a hybrid world—this rundown is for you.


Let’s go get em,



Roadmap Updates | New year, new rituals with Microsoft Viva Insights

While the fresh slate of a new year may be a perfect time to take up something new, you can use Microsoft Viva Insights all year long to build work rituals. Viva Insights helps guide individuals and teams towards better work habits that improve productivity and wellbeing.
For the TLDR crowd, watch the short (<2min.) video highlighting the ways Viva Insights can help you or deep dive below to see how you can cultivate new positive rhythms in your workday.

Read more: New year, new rituals with Microsoft Viva Insights


Adoption Materials | Automatically Schedule Focus Time with Viva Insights

Tap into our Viva Insights adoption materials to enable new work rituals at your organization! Have you ever been overwhelmed with meetings and have not been able to focus on what is important?

Check out this video which introduces “Focus time” through Microsoft Viva Insights. Focus Time automatically schedules focus time in your calendar with just a few clicks. You’ll also get a glimpse of “Quiet time” so you can control when you receive notifications. Now, what if you manage to focus on achieving great work and you want to celebrate that? Yep, Insights can do that for you too!


Learn more on how to lean into better work habits through the video and editable one pager you are free to download and use to drive Insights adoption within your organization!

Event | Gala of Gold: Let’s Ring in the New Year (Microsoft Teams Edition) :party_popper:

Ring in the new year alongside our Modern Work Superheroes and customers from around the globe! At this event you will also learn how to create more engaging and FUN Teams experiences at your organization.

Click here to register


Event Series | Further your Goals with Microsoft Events

Whether you’re a developer, IT pro, partner, educator, or business professional, we have plenty of Microsoft events specifically created with your growth in mind. Explore special events and learning opportunities created to help you expand your expertise, learn new skills, and build community.

Click here to learn more


Customer Stories | Vituity and Microsoft Teams: Wellness without boundaries

Don’t miss this video where our pal Steven discovers how Vituity has transformed healthcare for the benefit of all with Microsoft Teams. Find out how Teams was critical to this transmation for physicians, patients, HIPPA, and other data privacy requirements/compliance.

Click here to watch the video

Customer Stories | River Island responds to changing tides in retail with Microsoft Teams

With the goal of preserving its unique, people-focused culture top of mind, the company embarked on a digital refresh, aiming to bring modern tools to River Island employees. Ultimately, it deployed Microsoft 365, Microsoft Teams, including the Microsoft Tasks app and Shifts in Teams, Samsung Galaxy XCover devices, and a Scandit smart data capture app to every retail employee.

Click here to read more


Who are the Modern Work Superheroes?

Join me and over 2000+ customers and Microsoft experts around the globe in accelerating their digital transformation journey in the Modern Work Superheroes community on Viva Engage. The Modern Work Superheroes Community is your single source for Modern Work content, community, and collaboration. Explore:

  • Customer stories on improving outcomes and lessons learned
  • Best practices for IT pros, Change Management, and End User leaders
  • Exclusive customer events and networking opportunities
  • Roadmap updates and insights from Teams and Viva product leaders

Click here to join the Modern Work Superheroes!*

*Consumer and non-Microsoft 365 email addresses are not supported


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