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About us

With over a 2 decades of expertise in the IT and hosting industry, we know our stuff. Our in-depth skills and knowledge has helped businesses implement technologies such as Citrix, VMware. Proxmox, Hyper-V, Azure plus many more. We can help with a range of requirements such as networking, virtualisation and the cloud.

Providing virtualised compute is now standard across most organisations. Delivering applications to your users has significantly changed from the traditional desktop with locally installed software. Businesses choose to deliver applications to their users with solutions such as Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops (formally XenApp and XenDesktop). With remote working now also at the forefront for users, external access can easily be granted with Citrix ADC (Netscaler) allowing your users to work as if they were in the office. Our expertise can help you solve most challenges and provide you with solutions incorporating these technologies.

As technology advances and changes, we understand how important it is to keep systems up to date, whilst maintaining security from the ever emergering threats that challenge productivity.

Sebae Ltd was incorporated with a clear focus on providing cloud and infrastructure services to organisations wanting to move their business into the next generation of technology and security. Our years of hosting and consulting services gives our customers clear direction and satisfaction whilst reducing overall long-term costs.